Main topics of the visit was Brexit, life of Czech patriots in the UK, Business cooperation and also supporting the #neverforgotten project of Czech Embassy in London.

Chairman of the Czech Society in Leeds highlighted the importance of providing support to those patriots who are having difficulties with their residency application.

Mr. Tomas Kostecka said that there is a forecast that more than 30 thousand od Czech patriots will be not able to apply for new settled scheme as many don’t hold valid IDs and are not able to provide necessary documents. The Czech Republic could expect massive return of those, exodus from the UK after 31. December 2020.

Is important to minimise the risk that many families with children will be left without a support in the UK by helping those who needed most. Comenius UK has supported already over 1500 applicant. But as Tomas Kostecka said “We need more support and without the financial support in the time of Brexit we will be not able to provided our service to all.